Jan, 14

Parkas, Pinstripes, Washi Tape & Warhol…. its all in the Mix

There are lots of nice interviews from all the other lovelies who are exhibiting at DOT to DOT London showroom in Feb. Here is my one, But check out the others they are top bananas…..http://www.dottodotlondon.com/

Nicola From Little Troll Pops In To See Us

 + Why did you choose to show at DtD?

Showing your work to buyers and press is a really vital part of any designer’s work, if you want it to reach the public! But as a small brand you don’t always have the finances to attend the big trade shows. So for me this came at the right time. A way of showing but with like-minded people in a more relaxed informal atmosphere that has a little more of the boutique touch about it. Less corporate and more design-led.

+ What are you looking forward to the most at DtD?

Meeting lots of lovely people.

+ What is the name of the collection that you’ll be showing?

Pinstripes and Roses.

+ What were you inspired by when designing it?

Pinstripes and roses.

+ Tell us about the piece in your collection that you’re most excited about.

My collars and new ties are exciting and the colour green.

+ Have you added any new products for AW14?

Yep, ties!

+ What is your current best-selling item?

Our sketch dress, skater skirt and collars outsell everything else.

+ What was your favourite outfit as a child?

Oooo… probably a yellow and brown t shirt. I’ve no idea why.

+ Describe your brand in three words.

Fresh, clean, whatever the opposite of trashy is??!!

+ Finish this sentence. People tell me they love Little Troll because..

…a photographer friend said she loved the clean lines, which as a pattern cutter by trade I really appreciated. People use the word ‘lovely’ a lot, and can I have it in an adult size, they may be bluffing though!

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