Mar, 14

Mothers Day

Gentlemen! Hello !!

Now lads its all well and good thinking you have a couple of weeks to get your lady love something for lovely for mothers day from you and the kids. But you know what time is like, it runs out. Before you know it you will be cursing and wondering why you didn’t sort it out sooner. That last minute dash to the petrol station for flowers will leave you feeling, lets face it, just a little bit ashamed. You know how fantastic she is, multi tasking left right and centre and you need to let her know how much you love her for it.

Obviously the kids are going to make a home made card. Bits of pasta, glitter and unidentified things stuck to card with misspelt but heartfelt messages of love will always be the best gift given, no contest. But only if your under 10!! You cant muscle in on this gift, you just cant, you are going to have to get your own. So gents, do the right thing and get her something special this year from you. Flowers are nice, really nice, but they don’t last.¬† Jewellery is great but tricky to get right and expensive to get wrong. So surprise her this year and buy her an accessory from Little Troll. A collar, a necklace or a belt, all lovely and original. They even come beautifully gift wrapped in their own boxes and delivered to your door. Take a look around the shop yourself here, even leave the page open on her laptop to find out what her favourite would be. Either way, she is going to love you for it.

Happy choosing xx

Pretty necklaces & belts

 Collars gallore

Ties to order

Any colour any style

Limited editions to keep it special

Great in black and white

All boxed and wrapped up for you

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