Jun, 14




Just  little post it note to let you know that I have a new site set aside just for ladies accessories. Its called Crush and this is where I will put any news, ideas and pictures for the adult collars, ties, belts and anything else that may come up. This Blog site will be kept for the kids and what is happening with Little Troll Clothing.  So for all things ladies please visit the CRUSH page, I hope you like it


X x

charlie blog crush


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Apr, 14

Lovely shoot from Ali Dover


A couple of months back I met Ali Dover at the Dot to Dot show in London. Turns out she is a dab hand at the ol’ photography malarkey. I love her way with the camera. She manages to get texture, light and and colour together so beautifully without being cutesy and styles things just so. A little bit punk chic I think. Here are some shots she took of her daughter in one of the Little Troll collars. I really like the mix of grainy, earthy grey texture in the dress and boots with the scoop of acid yellow collar. Do check out here work here at www.alidover.com

Thank you Ali x

alidover 3 in a row

alidover 2 in a row


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Mar, 14

Mothers Day

Gentlemen! Hello !!

Now lads its all well and good thinking you have a couple of weeks to get your lady love something for lovely for mothers day from you and the kids. But you know what time is like, it runs out. Before you know it you will be cursing and wondering why you didn’t sort it out sooner. That last minute dash to the petrol station for flowers will leave you feeling, lets face it, just a little bit ashamed. You know how fantastic she is, multi tasking left right and centre and you need to let her know how much you love her for it.

Obviously the kids are going to make a home made card. Bits of pasta, glitter and unidentified things stuck to card with misspelt but heartfelt messages of love will always be the best gift given, no contest. But only if your under 10!! You cant muscle in on this gift, you just cant, you are going to have to get your own. So gents, do the right thing and get her something special this year from you. Flowers are nice, really nice, but they don’t last.  Jewellery is great but tricky to get right and expensive to get wrong. So surprise her this year and buy her an accessory from Little Troll. A collar, a necklace or a belt, all lovely and original. They even come beautifully gift wrapped in their own boxes and delivered to your door. Take a look around the shop yourself here, even leave the page open on her laptop to find out what her favourite would be. Either way, she is going to love you for it.

Happy choosing xx

Pretty necklaces & belts

 Collars gallore

Ties to order

Any colour any style

Limited editions to keep it special

Great in black and white

All boxed and wrapped up for you

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Mar, 14

A little double trouble

So, there is a new collar in town. And its double the fun because you can wear it either way round. This is a great little collar, it is super floppy and falls over your should like an exhausted kitten.

Its designed with tapered shirt lapels on one end and narrow squared off lapels on the other.

Worn with the shirt ends at the front smartens up a jumper to look like you have a shirt underneath. Turn it the other way round with the short ends at the front to change the neckline of your or T shirt. Dresses look great too. Toughening up the corners of a pretty pretty dress or adding a bit of colour and shape to a clean modern style. Worn with the tapered ends to the back gives you an elegant neckline with a modern short front .

All in all a great shape, adding a bit of colour and pattern and shape all in one step.

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Feb, 14

Customise your Collar Crush

Did you know that you can now customise your  collar or cowboy belts with any colour little troll cloud tags, making it unique to you ? They look so great with the extra clouds on and you can get extra tags and swap them to create different looks. How fab is that. Choose from all these colours

black, white, grey, orange ,yellow, pink, lime, dark green

To shop your cloud tags just click here and add a note in the message box if you would like us to attach them for you


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Feb, 14


You know when you are going to be out all day and are not going to be able to make it home to get changed for the evening? Its a pain deciding what to wear, and the last thing you want to do is lug around extra bits all day. Well this was me at the beginning of last week. I had to dart around London all day ( part pleasure yay !  part work not so yay) and then meet someone early evening. I needed to dress it all up a bit, there is only so much make up can do in a Starbucks toilet, but not so much that warranted a complete wardrobe rethink…and as a lazy dresser really my brain couldn’t deal with that anyway!

So I wore a plain grey jersey t shirt dress and boots to knock about town with and popped a white polka dot collar in my bag with some earrings. Now you would think id done this before, having quite a few to hand an all, but no, it was the first time. No doubt more to do with the fact that I rarely go out in the evening without coming home first. I work from home and so have most things to hand. So it was a minor victory for me to take my ‘whole new outfit’ in my teeny tiny bag.

So ladies who have a life more exciting than mine, or a job that sometimes, hopefully!!, leads to evenings out I say Pop A Collar In Your Purse and hey presto your refreshed, restyled and ready for some fun



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Feb, 14


Hi all,

For the next few weeks you can go and try on as many Little Troll collars as you like, when ever you like! Little Troll will have a large selection of our Ladies collars in RUBARB in Hitchin.

I met Pooja, the owner of Rubarb at a local charity event that we both helped out at recently. After buying a few collars for herself and as a present for a friend she very kindly suggested that she showcase these accessories locally for me in her shop. Well its lovely to be local isn’t it so of course I said yes. So a large range of Little Troll collars will be in store for the next few weeks for you to go and play with. There are three styles to look and try in lots and lots of different colours and prints. Pooja will help you style and have fun seeing how these little things transform your clothes. You will still be buying direct from Little Troll with all the same beautifully boxed packaging but now you have a place to try them on in!

So pop on down to Rubarb at and see which one is just right for you xx


21 Churchyard, sg5 1hp, Hitchin

01462 451 088

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Jan, 14

Parkas, Pinstripes, Washi Tape & Warhol…. its all in the Mix

There are lots of nice interviews from all the other lovelies who are exhibiting at DOT to DOT London showroom in Feb. Here is my one, But check out the others they are top bananas…..http://www.dottodotlondon.com/

Nicola From Little Troll Pops In To See Us

 + Why did you choose to show at DtD?

Showing your work to buyers and press is a really vital part of any designer’s work, if you want it to reach the public! But as a small brand you don’t always have the finances to attend the big trade shows. So for me this came at the right time. A way of showing but with like-minded people in a more relaxed informal atmosphere that has a little more of the boutique touch about it. Less corporate and more design-led.

+ What are you looking forward to the most at DtD?

Meeting lots of lovely people.

+ What is the name of the collection that you’ll be showing?

Pinstripes and Roses.

+ What were you inspired by when designing it?

Pinstripes and roses.

+ Tell us about the piece in your collection that you’re most excited about.

My collars and new ties are exciting and the colour green.

+ Have you added any new products for AW14?

Yep, ties!

+ What is your current best-selling item?

Our sketch dress, skater skirt and collars outsell everything else.

+ What was your favourite outfit as a child?

Oooo… probably a yellow and brown t shirt. I’ve no idea why.

+ Describe your brand in three words.

Fresh, clean, whatever the opposite of trashy is??!!

+ Finish this sentence. People tell me they love Little Troll because..

…a photographer friend said she loved the clean lines, which as a pattern cutter by trade I really appreciated. People use the word ‘lovely’ a lot, and can I have it in an adult size, they may be bluffing though!

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Jan, 14



Little Troll will be at DOT to DOT on the 8th and 9th Feb showing whats new for winter 2104 with lots of other lovely folks.

A brand new showroom in the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London



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Dec, 13

Xmas Time

Its all crisp, cold and and wintery, perfect for an outdoor german market !

So come and join us & little green mouse at Hitchins Xmas Market Monday 23rd December for gorgeous

GIFT BOXED collars & belts


Perfect presents

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