Hello, welcome to Little Troll.

We love great design and here we design great clothes and accessories for girls AND our new addition accessories for Grown Ups.

We work really hard to make fashion that will flatter all the gals letting your own style show through. At Little Troll less is definitely more. Its our Scandinavian heritage I guess.
You wont find too much pink or many, if any, frills. So if that is your thing look away!  But if you like your designs beautifully crafted and your fabrics just the right mix of modern, elegant and fun then your in the right place. Its a case you wearing the clothes not the clothes wearing you.

In our second collection we introduced a MIX IT UP concept. With an original range of separate collars and belts designed to transform any outfit quickly and inexpensively. Making even the smallest wardrobe go far. With this great concept of interchangeable collars and belts you can transform any outfit in the blink of an eye. We LOVE THESE accessories so much that we have made them in ladies sizes to. And guess what, they look even more amazing on us grown up gals. A dress given a fresh new look with the simple addition of a great collar. Or your jeans heals and t-shirt given an instant make over. Or an evening dress to expensive to replace but add a collar and voila! A whole new look. There really is no end to how you can ring the changes with our accessories. Our collars come gift boxed too and are beautiful enough as a present for someone lovely and inexpensive enough as a treat for yourself. I guessed we’ve got ourselves a real COLLAR CRUSH!!!

For the kids – who spend most of there time in jeans and leggings – when it comes to finding a skirt or a dress that looks simply great, it can be hard to find. Here we make those clothes that look great without shouting it. In colours and prints that we have searched high and low for, bringing you something special that you simply cant find anywhere else. Little Troll designs are unique and effortly stylish. We love our fresh colours and beautiful prints and pair them with a modern mix of classic styling that we hope you will love. Most of our prints are limited edition so when they are gone they are gone. But then we search high and low again to find a fresh new print in a fresh new colour pallet for you.
We are proud to be 100% British hand made. With great attention to detail, everything is made to the very highest quality and beautifully finished inside and out.
We are dedicated to producing beautifully designed and ethically made clothes for everyone. We hand make all our limited run garments here in our hertfordshire based studio and larger productions are made in one of the last remaining small british run factories in London. It took a long time to find the right factory that we trusted so its great to be able to share our work with the skilled crafts men and women there. After all , great style lasts a lifetime.
We hope you love our clothes, thanks for stopping by x