Mar, 14

A little double trouble

So, there is a new collar in town. And its double the fun because you can wear it either way round. This is a great little collar, it is super floppy and falls over your should like an exhausted kitten.

Its designed with tapered shirt lapels on one end and narrow squared off lapels on the other.

Worn with the shirt ends at the front smartens up a jumper to look like you have a shirt underneath. Turn it the other way round with the short ends at the front to change the neckline of your or T shirt. Dresses look great too. Toughening up the corners of a pretty pretty dress or adding a bit of colour and shape to a clean modern style. Worn with the tapered ends to the back gives you an elegant neckline with a modern short front .

All in all a great shape, adding a bit of colour and pattern and shape all in one step.

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